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SZR is a global brand, pioneer and world leader in the processing and marketing of beef and pork by-products and natural casings, whose founder and president, Mr. Sebastião Pereira, has more than 40 years of history and know-how in the meat industry.

Under SIF 3152, SZR is structured into three distinct industrial blocks, each of these blocks specific designed and built to serve different consumer markets.

Constantly supervised and audited by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, SZR has a combined production capacity of 2,000 tons/month and exports its products to several countries in the European Union, Eastern Europe, Mercosur, Asia and Africa.

SZR has one of the most modern natural casings factories in the world, being the only one with 100% of its structure covered in stainless steel, which combined with the high investment in technology, maintains the entire production history and traceability of its products, since the origin of the raw material to the delivery of its products in both brazilian and international markets.

The main pillar of the company is the care with the quality of its products and the affection and professionalism in serving its suppliers, customers and partners.

SZR, producing food for the world!


Opening ways
0-2 - Trabalhando em frigoríficos desde os 13 anos de idade

Sebastião Donizeti Pereira has been working at slaughterhouses since he was 13 years old, having worked for over 20 years as an employee of a single company, having the opportunity to meet and work in most of the slaughterhouses in Brazil;

Business foundation
1 - Decide abrir empresa no quarto de visitas da sua casa

In 1999 he decided to start his own business, in the waiting room of his house, in São José do Rio Preto, where he would start working as a quality inspector and representative of the meatpacking industry. Thus was born SZR, which bears in its name the initials of his family: Sebastião himself along with his wife Zilda, and their two doughters Rayane and Rafaela;

SZR's Quintana plant
2 - Inicia construção SZR em Quintana

In 2003 he sees the possibility of buying an old and small beef house in the municipality of Quintana, to meet the demands of international customers;

Grand Opening
4 - Inaugura a empresa 2

In 2004, once the works were completed, it began to supply the Asian market with beef offals now processed in its own production unit;

The fire, the end?
5 - Incêndio criminoso destrói a SZR

After several expansions of SZR, and having conquered the position of largest exporter in the segment of bovine offal in Brazil, in July 2012 a serious accident hits SZR, an arson fire of gigantic proportions reached the industry's plant and destroyed everything that was there.

The reconstruction
6 - Primeiro container após reconstrução da SZR

After 5 months of hard work and countless blessings from God, SZR is re-opened, even bigger and more technology filled than before, and resumes exports in January 2013.

Investing in infrastructure
7 - Constrói uma nova triparia toda em aço inoxidável

Without living its origins in the refrigeration market, which started working with natural casings, in 2016 SZR completes the construction of one of the most modern natural casings facilities in the world, fully covered in stainless steel, and returns to producing natural casings for the international market.

SZR nowadays

In November 2019, SZR celebrated 20 years of its foundation, and continues its expansion in the segment of beef and pork offals, and natural casings, seeking new possibilities and partnerships, and now aiming a new market segment, the pet food products, which will have a dedicaded industry plant, also in the municipality of Quintana, inaugurated in 2021.





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